Questions of Humanity, Do zombies have any?

zombies that are human, but not really cuz their zombies

“To me, the name zombie evokes something human, a walking corpse rotting from the inside. The movies always gave me a sense that that’s what some people feel like, dead inside, just walking around mindlessly. But these things are something more, they don’t rot, they get bigger, become stronger.” -Owen Johnson from Inhuman: The Outbreak. […]

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The Ruling Class: Uber President Dracula

In this Image, we see Bram Stoker’s imagining of Dracula. And below is a picture that has been a part of American history, and is still seated in the White House as a part of the Collection our country has of Presidential Portraits. One picture is missing from the collection of paintings, and no record […]

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New Series Coming Soon, Inhuman 3 in development

inhuman series, inhuman: the outbreak

My first book is available, and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it. The wait for the next book in the series is almost over, but while I was waiting I started another project. This one is much darker and thrilling, more psychologically based and far more realistic. It’s more in the style of […]

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Internet Nightmare: Who’s hacking who?

hacking a world apart

Giants Hipocrits Complain about Russian intrusions Okay we all should know who Edward Snowden is by now, right? The NSA whistle-blower outed America for hacking other countries several years ago, and now it appears that we’re incurring some “losses” in the cyber war we apparently started. First off, we can’t prove a thing, only that […]

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I just blew a gasket! Seriously.

Ever wonder what it’s like to tear into your engine to replace a simple gasket? Well look no further I will detail the insanity of wrangling an infernal engine repair. When you blow a head gasket you would think colloquially, “blowing a gasket doesn’t sound as bad as blowing a tranny.” You would be wrong, […]

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Writer’s Block

writer's block

I’ve always told people that I never get writer’s block. I lied, well, if I said that now I would be lying. In actuality, I had never considered what it would be like to sit at a keyboard and not have any thoughts, or at the very least, some creativity happen. After a binge of […]

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A Mother’s Open letter to Her Children

Mothers of divorce

The author of this heartfelt letter wrote it not with the intention of her children reading it, but because she simply had to express these feelings that she could no longer contain. Mothers of divorce go through many things that won’t be understood by those on the outside looking in. If you’re a single mom or […]

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Showdown in Rio: America’s hopes for Olympic Gold

Summer gold can be found in Rio DeJanerio, Brazil this year, and America has the gold fever that characterized gold rushes of the past. High caliber athletes from all over the globe will gather for the Olympics this Brazil, and each one hopes to bring home gold while representing their home country. My sport of […]

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Ignorance not always bliss, reported depressed idiot taking test

Everyone has moments of brilliance, and when that lightbulb turns on there’s no other feeling in the world. For some, that bulb burns out and never gets replaced. Stagnation or laziness creates an ignorance that persist, but the flash of brilliance is remembered. This past success gives them the knowledge to embarrass themselves and entertain […]

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The Risk of BYOD in The Workplace

BYOD in the workplace

The target of a child’s devious curiosity or hate can never be properly deduced. This is all it takes for your business to become overrun with a virus and shut down or exploited. Yes, the child would have to be genius and highly technologically inclined, but this is a reality. An adolescent could hack your […]

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