Spring is here!


Have you ever heard of that story with the bears? The one where the girl tries different things and says one is just right for her? That’s what spring is like for me, I don’t care what Goldilocks has to say about the temperature spring is my time of year. When the wind dies and the sun is shining on our northern American landscape the feeling is unlike any other to me. In college there were cherry blossom trees on my campus. Yes, that’s right there is a story for the feature image. When the blossoms opened I knew it was time for spring, and spring break.

If someone asked me what my favorite time of year was i would always say summer. But there is a special kind of feeling I have for spring. I enjoy that special, or perfect moment where I feel like temperatures don’t exist. Like I were never cold in those long winter months, or never too hot in the heat of the brief summer sun. For moment I forget all of that. And then it starts to rain again, or snow because I live in Michigan. But for that one moment I felt like I were in the south again, and not a hellish inclement weather vortex.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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