Legalize it?

legalize it

Hold on a moment and let me collect my thoughts and lost items. Where did I put — oh there it is. So, if you’ve been posted up in a cave for the last decade you might not know that marijuana has become widely decriminalized. You might think it’s bad, but proponents have a good argument for the drug.

THC is the main chemical in marijuana plants, and with addition of many other chemicals you have a plant that when smoked can have medicinal properties. There are no known cases of marijuana overdose. There may be record of it on the web but maybe I’m just not clever enough to find it. This does not mean that THC or pot has not been a contributing factor in deaths in the past, just that you cannot overdose.

To date 4 states and the District of Columbia have legalized pot for recreational use. Many of these laws allow for personal cultivation as well. This is in addition to the many states that have a medical control on the drug and allow patients to use it. It has been noted to help chronic illness, but what if you don’t have an illness?

Legalize it

Millennials have taken their voting power and turned it into a smoke out. They are the biggest generation and many are now becoming of age to vote. Why would they have it any other way? Californians tried it in the 70s and now many people are petitioning to have these kinds of laws put to a vote. If you want to legalize it, or don’t want it legal, go out to the presidential election and vote!


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