Another blog has the same title.



Unfortunately, love is a two way street. As I was gushing to my friends about my great boyfriend back in Texas, he was listening to his girl friends discuss how much they disliked me. As I was realizing I had fallen in love, he was reevaluating our relationship. Of course, we had our issues and […]


via That One I Held Out For: Part 2 — that one blog

So there’s this blog…

I wanted this URL, but it was taken. She already had it and the blog is awesome, just seems to be about guys that she dates. I don’t know what exactly to say about it but I know that well I haven’t read it yet, but I swear I’m planning on it.

And oh wow, she sounds like she could be my ex. Anyways get ready for my article on “Why your partner may be cheating.”

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

2 thoughts on “Another blog has the same title.

  1. I promise more crazy, lighthearted Tinder creep stories are to come. Could you maybe post one of those rather than the sad story if you’re going to talk?


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