Book Tours, Are They as Bad as They Seem?

book tour

If you’ve ever done a book tour you know how bad they can be. It’s usually a logistical nightmare. And my first tour wasn’t any different, it was a catastrophe. I lost my posters before I started that I was going to hand out to people with E-Readers. On top of that disaster I was going through a bad break up. At the end of the tour and the other end of the country I was exhausted and had some mixed success at tour stops. But it wasn’t about sales for me, it was about the experience.

I didn’t travel by VW bus or have anyone but myself during most of the stops, but the adventure was in the little moments that gave me hope. In one instance my faith in humanity was nearly restored. As I retell this moment keep in mind that there will be as much accuracy as possible, but without all the details you might find in a novel.

I was pulling away from Johnson City, TN after my first TV appearance, and that’s when I saw him. There was a hitch hiker along the on-ramp to the highway.  I passed him but thought that for a moment if I were to pass to him by it would be passing myself by. The hitchhiker was actually a really nice person, and he told me the story of his life and the recent years of him being homeless.

I’m not saying that is a great thing to be doing, in fact maybe you shouldn’t. Not every hitchhiker is a ukulele playing pacifist. His story will live on, and hopefully when I left him with a signed copy of my book, my story will live on through him.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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