Tinder for beginners


So you have a tinder profile? Unless you’re completely ugly or bungled your profile you should be able to get dates. Even the marginally attractive can find dates on tinder. That applies to men and women as well.

You need to pick a good photo but not one thats unrealistic. Guys will want a full body picture, and not one from years ago unless you look the same. Women will chose a date that is less attractive but more stable. Or take a shirtless pic of your tiny rippled torso. That should help you get dates.

Men will have to message first. And dont get discouraged sometimes they will like you but dont really want to talk. After progressing logically to a text or even phone call, what should you expect on a date?

You should expect her to not take you seriously. Come on, what were you expecting?

Tinder girls are usually classy so plan a date that works for her. My first one was Starbucks. It didn’t work out but two dates later I’m dating more than once. Don’t give up or freak out because you might end up on a blog. 

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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