Your morning brew.

Waking up is sometimes hard to do. But why not wake up to a brief yet satisfying event that leaves your toes curled and hair as unkempt as when you last went to a sauna. I’m talking about caffeine, and if you have had it nothing can compare to the sweet brew of the arabica coffee bean. Nestled somewhere in the mountainous regions of South America (where most of your coffee comes from) you can find a little plant that captured the imagination of the world many centuries ago and has been enlightening us since.

Can this caffeine fueled article reach the corners of your brain like a good cup of coffee can? Absolutely not. But when can you say that you’ve had enough? Well, about a gram is considered an overdose for those sensitive to caffeine. You can have 10 cups of coffee before you reach that level. But why not push your limits? Maybe the coffee of death would suit you better. This is actually a brand of coffee that is super-caffeinated. You can’t have more than a few cups of this coffee before it sends you — well you can’t easily die from it.

So how much coffee would you have to drink to kill you? One study suggests that you would have to ingest over five grams of coffee to kill you. Could you possibly drink around 50 cups of coffee in a day? I didn’t think so, and I don’t think you should try. If you do please document it. That would be epic. I’ve only drank about 10 in a day before, close to an overdose. How many cups can you drink? Comment below.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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