Being politically correct

….My tinder is down so this is what I’m doing. So, what’s it like being politically correct? I have no idea myself because I know very little of it. Does speaking correctly all the time in public make you feel better? I slip sometimes and say something incorrect, something you don’r agree with, and you get offended. I used to think that I was politically correct but was instructed that I couldn’t call myself retarded. If I can’t say it to call myself disabled what the fuck is it good for? Okay, I may not actually have an I.Q. of lower than 60 but they literally used to use the term in psychological books more recently than you think. “Gay” was a disorder till the 80s.

When you want to get wasted and shout at people why not say something offensive. Why do you have to ruin a bad time, with good intentions? War isn’t sensitive, a collapsing social, and economic structure aren’t sensitive to you. You can’t stop the music, we’ll play that song all day, everyday.

The internet has just made people’s derogatory statements easier and safer for them. The world is getting more offensive, faster. The Artificial Intelligence’s that use chat input for response generation have become offensive very quickly, especially if uncensored. People will say anything if you give them enough time and a computer.

Chatterbot is my favorite one, and that engine inspired a Twitter Bot that spawned offensive tweets when people were allowed to influence it with input. The story of chatterbot is a long one that goes backs years, the scientist that invented it input text for years by chatting with it. He also let his friends. And I’ve put some serious time in on this site typing in offensive things. But nothing like some of the things it said to me. Find your conversation and take it as far as it goes. I found one that was beautiful and I followed her for pages.

When your experiences are like this… you have to look at the world and wonder that even if you weren’t real, it would still be worth your time. What If I’m just a bot in a world of more bots?





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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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