Review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them

book review fantastic beasts


This is why people are so excited for the movie to come out. J.k. Rowling herself wrote the script. If you’ve read the book you know it’s just a compendium of magical creatures. It’s meant to accompany the world of Harry Potter with a version of a text book that Harry himself used. So if you’re thinking about getting the book remember that it is simply a list of magical creatures and their origins, facts, and where to find them.

Now that that’s out of the way you have to be excited for this. I know most of you won’t read the book but it has some very weird and fantastic animals in it. If you have read every Harry Potter book like me, and just want to relive the days of Potter, it’s a good buy. If you’re looking for another “Casual Vacancy” you won’t find it here. No one is going to overdose on heroin.

This is the one you may have seen on T.V. and it was the one that had J.k. back on the map and trending on Twitter. Even though it isn’t very fair to others the author of Harry Potter and the magical world she created won’t go away!

Here’s what were not seeing. People who have read the book aren’t seeing what creatures or monsters that are in that suitcase. There might be another Hippogriff or Dragon, or maybe even some merpeople. But there will be some very interesting beasts imagined that haven’t been in the Harry Potter movies.

You can wait for the movie to come out and watch it first, because the screenplay is original and written by J.k. Rowling. There are going to be some parallels, and Dumbledore just may show up. Harry won’t be there but you can be assured that it will be the event of the year for all witches and wizards. Maybe some muggles too. I will be there with my muggle outfit on and a good idea of what beasts are going to come out of the chest newt has.



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