Fight Club, a mind fuck

fight club

Space Monkey

Fight club was a complete mind fuck the first time I watched it. And then I watched it more and more. Finally I read the book. I won’t get into the subtle differences between the two because this isn’t an English class. What I will do is strap on my boots and suit up for a launch into space.

When you read a book you’re invested in the characters. When the protagonist realizes that he’s not only himself but also Tyler Durden you become confused with what you’re reading. The disorientation and surprise are what make the movie, and the book exhilarating.


Multiple personalities are a symptom of one of the rarest mental disorders there is. It’s like finding a unicorn in a haystack, which isn’t easy. So there might be something lost in translation when you read the book after watching the movie. Although it follows the same routine the drop is not as subtle as the movie. You will have realized that the main character is Tyler by the time it is revealed. The movie hides this for longer, whereas the book is very abrupt about it. It’s black and white.

Chuck Palahniuk is an artful writer, and can be very inventive. The book to me is a masterpiece, the movie — one of my favorites. Some of the speeches that the characters give are the focal points for me. Sebastian, the main character is as colorful as his devious counterpart. But when your other personality is working against you there can be only one thing to do.

After Sebastian (played by Ed Norton in the movie) eradicates Tyler (Brad Pitt) he finds himself in a hospital with an army that Tyler created waiting for him on the outside.

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