Global Warming vs Climate Change

suicidal snowman

When scientists began discussing the idea of global warming I was elated. It would be getting warmer and more polluted in Michigan, but warmer was good for me. This just doesn’t work out for out for me.

It snowed in Michigan today, it mid April and it’s still snowing. We keep setting records of extreme weather every year. This year will be no different. The climate is changing and now it turns out it’s not going to be a good thing. I could be at a beach right if that global warming thing went through.

Is there an impending ice age on the horizon? Some people have theorized a pole shift. This won’t go well for any of the satellites in orbit. If my cell phone goes out I’m going to riot.

Think about losing the internet

Where will you be when the internet goes down? I love how every old person asks “where were you when J.F.K. died?” Where will you be when you realize that the thing you rely on the most in your life is gone.

Extreme weather is becoming more of a reality, but don’t worry because there’s a woman in Texas that can control tornado with the power of prayer or something. If you weren’t listening for that NPR interview you missed something phenomenal. Maybe she can help us with the snow in Michigan.

 The Masters

So sports fans did you watch the Master’s tournament on the PGA circuit? Yes, it was beautiful out there. Green grass, not overcast of clouds, it was perfect weather for a game of golf. Then I looked out the window and saw this strange blanket of white material. After realizing it was snow I was no longer confused, but began to get very angry.


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