Young and Twenty: A Millennial affair

twenty and in love

The Millennials are aging with grace, and many of them have found life to be easy. Some are millionaires and even billionaires. Life is good with no world wars happening, or some sort of impending nuclear holocaust. But why are the majority of twenty-somethings struggling? Is it the higher cost of education and the rising costs of living? Or maybe it’s the fact that many can no longer get by with the kind of jobs their parents did.

I Say No Way

I don’t think the struggle is financial, or at least not entirely. People are getting married later and having children at even older average ages now. While some Millennials are not yet 20, most are becoming this age, and to see them struggle with love is even harder. Being twenty and in love is hard, and most people won’t understand, or respect it. People state over and over again (mostly on dating sites) they aren’t looking to just “hook up”, but many times this is exactly the case. As a rule, if someone says this they have done it in the past, and that’s why they’re on the site. It’s a fast and easy culture and the only direction it’s headed is down.

Twenty and in Love

If your strategy for love declares that you want a sexy partner this isn’t always bad. Their genes mix with yours and the offspring provide an even higher capacity for reproduction due to the promiscuity of it all. But this doesn’t always mean stability. And that’s what we all need when we’re twenty — stability. If we as a generation can find that foothold in life and stake a claim to what is ours than this generation will undoubtedly be the best, brightest, and biggest yet.

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