10 simple steps to Learning Programming.

learning programming

First thing to do is remain calm, then secondly you must always remember that spelling counts in any high level language as well. However, there are no underlined words containing an error. The one warning message that tells you that your program won’t work is all you’re going to get. So put the phone down and start typing, but you may need the dexterity of a texter, so keep your phone close close. If you’re going to be programming an app you will need this anyways.

Number four is always stay upright and in a seat position while taking off. But seriously, if you need typing lessons then take them, or practice for a high WPM in your typing.

Listen if someone is trying to teach you. You can never be the best at something while being stale, especially if you’re talking about technology.

Relax you’re not in a race, learning programming can be simple and fun. Recursive code doesn’t equal recursive typing. Relax and type carefully. You can have a high WPM and make too many mistakes, but if you know what you’re doing eventually you could be able to work faster. Just relax and let it happen.

Maybe some coffee would help you to feel up to speed, you’re computer computes so fast why wouldn’t you need coffee to keep up with it? Or possibly a cup of tea, no one does tea better than someone at the helm of keyboard all day.

Concentrate. These things can take time, like any labor, but will require you to concentrate or maybe even do calculations. Algorithms take time to craft. Anything that is as amazing as a web page takes time to develop.

Calculate little things that you wouldn’t have to think about. Your algorithm took time and I’m sure it’s a work of art but the little things that most people don’t think about have to be programmed. An algorithm with no code making it work is just scribbles on a piece of paper.

Remember that what your doing is a work of art even if you didn’t make any image files. The background of any visual content is important too. Every orchestra need a composer, and a conductor. You’ll be both.

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