Today is a Day like any Other day.

making the most of today

It’s all about making the most of today. Whether you have a day to yourself with nothing better to do than read a book, or you’re working and have a slow day at the office. Right now is the time it will always be. You aren’t the person you were yesterday, and you’ll be a new person tomorrow. Why would you waste today?

The Ultimate Renewal

About every decade you are literally a new person. Every cell in your body will have been replaced with a new one. You will never get those cells back and now you’re a new person. This renewal should be recognized as the best thing for you. Even if you like the person you are today think of how much better you could be in another decade.

You gotta go to Work

I always feel like I’m at the bottom rung of a ladder I never get to climb. Sometimes my foot gets in the door but my body never crosses the threshold. Every step I take there is another step backwards. And that’s what life is like sometimes, but then today should be the day to take a step forward. We all need to go to work even if you don’t go to work, the song is actually right.

Okay, what do you have when you’ve got nothing? When there’s nothing left to live for? All you have is yourself, and you can’t say that SOMEDAY you will get better, someday you will finally climb that ladder. You have to step up and climb it. Do you have to step on others just to get to the top? Not necessarily, this is just a metaphor, there is no ladder in reality. That’s what I needed to realize for so long. I needed to realize that the “rat race” was not really a race.

to Be continued…

Being a 30 year old college student has it’s advantages. You know what you need to do now, which you should have always known, but now childish distractions can’t get in my way. I can’t say that I will be the best student in the class but now I’m not going to be the worst. For me there is no competition, there is me and a book, and a dream. But that’s all there has ever been. because every great endeavor has started with a dream. You just have to take that first step today, it’s all about making the most of today.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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