Alien life on earth: is it possible?




The mysteries of the Universe have been pondered by many and all. We’re quite far from thinking the world is flat, and happens to be the center of the universe. (Aside from a theory called Biocentrism that says you are the center of the universe and this article is only in existence because you sought it out.) We still have leaps and bounds to go in discovering life on other planets, however, we are closer to discovering the likelihood of it.

In this article from the NY Times scientists outline that every star is likely to have at least one planet. It also says that if you believe that the probability of there being life on one of those is one in one billion, that there would still be a trillion planets with life. This doesn’t factor in how many are suitable for life but is a very good point. Stars are massive bodies of raw molecular power that attract many much smaller objects. It goes without saying that if there are smaller bodies around they would be attracted by the laws of gravity.

So there it is. The scientists have weighed in on the possibility of there being alien life in existence. With more and more people coming around to the idea of it, it only seems natural they would dredge up this old equation and put it to the use with our new knowledge.

This admission by scientists of note makes it easier for us to say they live among us. It makes it easier to say they were once here. But does that really make it true? This ancient astronaut theorist says yes.

In no way do I represent the history channel

Some say there are UFO and other things that happen on earth that no one can really prove. Is this a deep psychological rift that our subconsciouses are trying to repair with fantastical memories of our own design? Or possibly a man-made agenda as portrayed by the recent X-files season? Some are out to prove aliens exist, I’m just waiting for to give me a ride off this insane rock.

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