What it feels like to be Alone

Many people feel alone everyday. Sometimes they can feel like they are the only one in a crowed room. This is only metaphorical, because we know you aren’t the guy portrayed in cast away. You aren’t Will Smith in I am Legend. You could never physically be alone unless you intentionally isolate yourself in remote part of a forest or jungle, which some people do, but that’s a different story. This one is about being lonely.

The killer

Depression is a killer, the simply put and downright honest truth is people die everyday from it. It’s one of the leading causes of death in young people, and it’s not even that bad in the U.S. in other countries it’s an epidemic. To feel what it’s like to be alone is to feel despair. To despair is to to feel the weight of your sadness, and if this persists this will become depression.

The lonely loner

The child with only a few friends who is bullied has it rough right? What about the one with no friends at all? This is the one most at risk. The psychology of being alone is one that cannot truly be studied, but to some extent it’s seen in these loners. There’s a woman in Siberia that had not seen another person for decades until she needed medical attention. Her family isolated themselves and missed out on all the wars and even regime changes of the country. Their dialect was so different and archaic that people could hardly understand her. But what if you were the last person alive on earth? What will the last human feel like?

We need each other

We all need to belong. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs holds a need for belonging in a very important place. It’s right above food, shelter, and water. Aside from very basic needs we all need someone. So what does it feel like to be alone? I think maybe like claustrophobia, like being trapped in a state of limbo that won’t go away. What would it feel like to be alone for decades? I guess we could ask that Russian woman, that is if she hadn’t returned to her cabin after getting out of the hospital.

Reach out to someone if you’re lonely. Send me an email, find a random person to chat with. I have to get back to my movie now, Will Smith is freaking out because he’s the last man on earth. 😃

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

3 thoughts on “What it feels like to be Alone

  1. Hi Blake,
    I’m the mom of one of your classmates from high school, he showed me your book and it looks very interesting so I’m going to read it. I read your blog on being alone in a crowded room and want you to know there are so many people that suffer in silence with this painful & emotionally debilitating condition. I am one of them, however I have vowed to not let the illness win. At the age of 16 I lost my father to suicide so this is an issue that is very dear to my heart. It is important for anyone that ever feels this way to know, although you feel alone & lonely, sad & depressed, they’re others that do care about you and how you feel. Most of all, this to shall pass if you use mind over matter and tell your inner self, I’m worth so much more than this! I will not let the loneliness win.
    Keep writing & doing what YOU love Blake, be you! You have a gift you were given to share with the world.
    Thank you!
    Toni Leigh Bailey


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