Alone in the Wild: Agafia Lykova


Have you ever wanted to just go into the woods and stay there? This woman was born there, and Agafia has only been amongst the civilized a handful of times, each time getting ill. People are doing this more and more. It’s called going off the grid, and America is enamored with it. We have shows dedicated entirely to the feature of men and sometimes women who are successfully making a life in the wild. A life without electricity and television, no I-phones or computers, and miles away from anyone else. Is materialism too much for someone to give up? This woman lives without much of the comforts people had in the 1800s and is still happy, and 70.



From the outside looking in

Agafia is so disgusted with the outside world that she believes that it will soon destroy itself. Her religious beliefs aside there is much that can be said of someone seeing civilization for the first time and being mature enough to make up their mind about what they’ve seen. She looked at society and rejected it, wholly. What does this say about what we have done, and the technology and infrastructure we are so proud of? Despite disgust of society, she doesn’t seem bitter or hateful. She’s a normal woman who just doesn’t agree with life on earth, or maybe life amongst those that have colonized it. If you could escape, would you?

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