Self-Driving car Fatality

driverless cars

A couple weeks ago I reported on self-driving cars. There was a study being done that posed ethical questions about the programming of the cars. The crash, which happened in Florida, involved a large truck and a Tesla. The Tesla’s auto drive feature didn’t brake in time. In fact, there are more car crashes per miles drove by driver-less cars than those driven by humans. This article from Live Science outlines the crash.

The commercials are hilarious, really. If you don’t have time to practice playing your guitar and putting on your make-up maybe you should have woken up much earlier. I know you have a busy life, and many people do today, but why should you risk dying because your sensor failed or it was dirty. As cars get older they are going to wear, your sensor will fail, and you will crash. Hopefully, you don’t die. But as driver-less cars become more prevalent, and I’m sure more would, and the roads will be a lot more dangerous.

We are all Lazy

I wish I had more time for reading too.

So yeah, it’s cool. Is it the best thing ever? NO. They aren’t flying cars, which I would drive/fly myself gladly. It refers to the feature as auto-pilot. This isn’t a plane and you aren’t in the air, where you can fly straight without ever hitting anything. So keep you hands on the wheel, we aren’t having SKYNET drive for us, yet.

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