10 Nootropics that improve cognition

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Nootropics are cognition enhancing drugs that can improve memory, increase motivation or creativity, and improve overall executive function. There has been some concern over the side effects of some of the drugs that fall into this category. However, if you look at all the benefits of the drug compared with the minor side effects, there should be no contention about the use of nootropics. Any sort of objection regarding the fairness of their use is simply a marketing ploy. “The drug people say should be illegal” or “Is taking our drug fair to your competitors?” are hypotheticals that should be ignored. What shouldn’t be ignored is the fact that these drugs can surely improve cognition, with varying degrees. The facts are simple, people are taking these supplements, and the industry has topped 1 billion in revenue. These are some of the best and most effective nootropics

1 Eugeroics

Armodafinil and Modafinil are drugs used to promote wakefulness in people with sleep disorders, or those that have experienced the effects of long-term shift work that disrupts circadian rhythm. These drugs can make you alert and feel awake even if you are lacking sleep in your daily life. They are much different that the caffeine that people drink. The Gingko Biloba in your energy drink may be a mild nootropic, but it doesn’t have to be prescribed by a doctor. Which may be good or bad, but these are serious drugs that can be used to help your performance.

2 Xanthines

The most notable of these drugs is caffeine. These drug improve alertness and even memory. They can improve performance in higher levels. If you are a coffee drinker you know that this can improve your overall mood as well. This is probably the most widely used nootropic even if you didn’t know it was one.

3 Amphetamines

We all know what these are, and some of us have Adderall prescriptions to improve our memories and attention. So far the list is looking familiar right? That’s what you thought.

4 Methylphenidate

This drug improves working memory, episodic memory, planning, and attention. This drug has been known to improve attention so much that you have “blinders” on and can learn about much else while doing a particular task. If your task is tedious and you have a need for a meticulous and ultra-focused this may be the nootropic for you.

5 Nicotine

You ever wonder why people smoke so much at work? It turns out that nicotine improves memory and attention. It’s also highly addictive so I won’t recommend using it. But next time you judge a classmate or co-worker for smoking just consider that it could be what’s helping them to concentrate.

6 Levodopa

This one improves your verbal memory. Ever forget what you or someone else is thinking right after it was said? If this is greatly affecting, you daily activities then you may want to try a nootropic like Levodopa.

7 Racetams

Drugs such as piracetam and aniracetam are sold over-the-counter and can be used to improve memory and cognition. Little is known about their mechanism of action, but the same can still be said about drugs such as aspirin. While not much is known of the drug nootropic effects have been reported. These are classified as new drugs.

8 L-theanine

This substance is an active ingredient in green or black tea. Tea also has caffeine but this drug improves alertness and has the calming effect tea is known for. You can get this in a capsule or just drink some tea.

9 Bacopa Monnieri

This plant extract comes from an Indian water plant. It helps with memory and even stresses. This one, however, will take up to 4-6 weeks of taking it for you to feel the effects.

10 Micro doses of LSD

We all know what LSD or acid is. This doesn’t mean people are using it recreationally. About 1/10 of a hit of acid is used to improve focus, empathy, memory, cognition, and even reduce stress. This also happens to be the only illegal drug on the list, so I wouldn’t recommend it. It has been rumored to be popular in Silicon Valley, but I don’t know of any specific employers how would allow their employees to be on acid while at work. Perhaps you’ll have to keep this one to yourself, or just drink some coffee or tea.

What won’t work

Have you heard that fish oils or ginseng would help with memory or focus? It turns out this is a common misconception. If you’re buying Omega – 3 to boost memory you’re probably wasting your money. It’s okay, grab some Starbucks and get back to work.

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