Police violence escalation in America

police violence in america

I have to warn you if you haven’t seen this then you might want to brace yourself. This is graphic and emotionally charged. It entails the traffic stop filmed by Diamond Reynolds that resulted in the death of Philando Castile. The officer was notified that Castile was armed, and licensed to do so, but still fired four shots into the car striking his arm and torso. He would later die of his wounds. Take a look at the video here.


This is the worst case I know of so far, the victim was armed, but licensed. This was a routine traffic stop where the only cause for the stop was a broken taillight. Things can happen fast and people make mistakes but you can’t fire a weapon with such a hair trigger that you kill an innocent man so briskly and with little cause. This officer will probably not be prosecuted. Yet, were Philando in the same situation he would be vilified and thrown in prison for life. He would be called a killer and a monster. This officer is protected, by the law, the law he had sworn to uphold. How can you hire someone so obviously racist and nervous?

Now let’s look at something else



This is a video of the Dallas sniper shooting. 5 officers killed and a dozen wounded by a crazed army veteran. There was no report of him being mentally unstable until now, though he could very well have been. After speaking out on the internet against police violence he took to the streets at a rally and started shooting police.

The war being waged

There is a war going on in America that has nothing to do with gun control. Democrats will tell you that this is due to guns falling into the wrong hands. Yet they are the one’s that armed the Dallas shooter and the man in Minnesota who was shot at a traffic stop and was legally armed. it seems that the problem is the government is arming people they shouldn’t. Police are being hired that should never have been given a gun, people are trained in the military that should never have been trained, and the honest armed citizens are cast down. We cannot be blind to the problem of our governmental missteps and the cause of the police brutality. We shouldn’t take guns away from people like Philando Castile, we should disarm the government employees that are killings our citizens. You know what police carry in the U.K.? Fucking billy clubs and non-lethals. The civil war in America is not just police against blacks, it’s police against all citizens.

Facebook live is breaking the case


Facebook live was the app used to record and broadcast both of these videos. Mark Zuckerberg himself weighed in on the subject here. Social media is helping us to not only be aware of this war that is being waged on the people of America but what they are doing to fight back. We rally and protest, but mostly the black population of America is the ones speaking out. Yes, they are 3 times more likely to be killed by police, but that still means that white people are killed more than any other race. Yet they aren’t protesting. Does this mean we think that it’s okay for the police to kill us? I think it just means they think if we comply that we won’t be shot. But as we saw in the case of Castile, you don’t have to do anything to get shot by the police.

We are all selfish

Cops don’t care about you however much you want them to. Their job is to get home safe to their precious families. They aren’t any less of a citizen than us but they will treat you like it. Most aren’t bad but some have the perspective and fear of mind that they will preserve themselves over all others, even if there is little danger to them. There is sometimes a danger in their job but if you shoot  everyone in your path it isn’t a dangerous job because you killed everyone who posed even a little bit of a threat. This is tyrany plain and simple, and the police should be the ones to be disarmed.

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