Confused man creates New infusion drink

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Confused New York City resident Ryan Bennet accidentally created the best new infusion drink that has been seen since the first lemon was dropped into a glass of water. Saying only “I thought these were flowers?” Ryan carefully planted a handful of asparagus into a glass of water in hopes that they would blossom and become some sort of tulip. Later in a drunken stupor, a friend would wander into his kitchen and drink the glass of asparagus he had placed as a center piece on his table. The friend would describe the drink as something an angel would create, and so full of flavor that he almost thought he was drinking a glass of juice lovingly prepared by a barista or “juicer”.

Is asparagus water real life?

Yes, I can assure you that it is a reality and you can do this right in you home. Simply fill a glass with water and firmly place your stalks of asparagus into the glass. If you want to get the right results you must do exactly as Ryan did and place them in an area with plenty of sunlight for two weeks while eagerly coaxing your asparagus stalks to blossom into roses or something.

Other infusion drinks

If you’ve tried the asparagus water and liked it you can also try hay water, a basalt and ragweed mix, vinegar pomegranate infusions, or a slow cooked NFL jersey and astro turf brew. Just be sure that the Jersey is not that of a losing team or it will be too bitter.

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