Kids playing Pokemon in traffic get hit

I knew this would happen, and there is no worse way to tell a doctor that you got hit by a car than to say you were searching for Pokemon. But now something that’s more rare is happening, the adults hitting them are also playing it. Yes, you heard right adults are getting into an accident and hitting children playing in traffic while playing the same damn game. Is that a Pokemon on the road? No that’s a child and he’s dressed up like his favorite Pokemon character. Go catch him with your car.

Deer crossing replaced with Poke-crossings.

Now that 90% of my newsfeed is Pokemon related I just assumed that Pokemon are the natural wildlife and as such should have their own road signs. Nintendo hs taken over most of the world already with their console so now that they have crossed platforms we may as well get ready for another invasion oGodzillala in another year or two. Seriously how many remakes can one series have?

Take my Poke-balls both of them because I’m playing GO now!

Please educate your children that blindly walking around on your phone trying to “catch them all” might get you to “catch that bumper”. Me I’m playing my Pokemon the safe way. I’m the one driving around looking for them. So children you should tell your fucking thirty-year-old parents that they shouldn’t poke-whatever and drive.

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