Good Design or Just a Little better?

good design

The logo you have says a lot about your company and it’s objective. Do you want to provide information or just impress? Whatever your aim is you need a logo that will go along with it. You need to let whoever is designing your logo and the rest of your site what you want people to think of the company. A noisy site with lots of ads and calls to action might get you some impulse buys but the majority of people might think it too much.

The fine line of fine Art

There is a fine line between the art you have and the art you need. You NEED to have a good design for your site. Being just a little better than that means vigilance. The progression of your company, like your recognition or power, should be mirrored by the visual images that you display. If you’re Nike you can use a purely symbolic and entirely stylized symbol, no text is needed for you to know that the famous swoosh is a Nike logo.

The better it gets…

If you have nothing better do than surf the internet don’t you eventually find yourself at least considering buying something? Many people do this and to get their business you need to have a good presence online. The face of your company is basically your banner. The first thing people see when they visit your site is the banner, and it shouldn’t put people off, or make them think twice about that buying they had been considering. If your design is a little bit better than your competitors you already have the advantage.

Take a look at any major site and you will see something unique. This, however, is taken at face value and considered to be part of the background that has continuity and supplements the eventual aim of the site. If you go to amazon you aren’t looking at the design and thinking that it’s lacking, most people just navigate from the home page or enter a product into the search bar. Now say Amazon had a less than good looking logo. People might look at it, and that’s time that they weren’t looking for a product and buying it. You want your site to serve a function and not have any distractions. So pick the best design you can, and keep evolving it.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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