The Social Media Pitfall

social media ads

Nearly one Billion people use social media now. This is a gold mine platform to reach your customers! There is just one drawback to advertising on sites like Facebook and Twitter, the conversation rates, not the engagement is the problem. And this is the goal of any advert, to convert a customer’s interest in your ad into a sale of your product or service. You can’t just put up a page and expect people to like or follow it immediately, there are many steps to a good conversion rate.

Engagement, engagement, and engagement

The upside of a social campaign is that the sites are so dynamic that they have ways of boosting your ad exposure without extra costs. People share and share freely. There is so much engagement on certain social media sites that the cost for a large run can be high. However, your exposure will increase exponentially with each level of payment. So what’s the pitfall?

All the materials you will need

People respond to images more than anything, and maybe even more so with video. If you have a product that can be used in a video, then do that. Most people click with an interest in the product and how it’s displayed. Represent your product well with good photography or video and more people will click through.

Working on your ad-set

You can target any demographic you want, and there are many custom options that allow for a dynamic targeting of multiple sets. The drawback is that people need to see value in the add. You can offer an exclusive or put together a killer ad,  but you will need to do more than that to up your conversion rate. Persistence may be the key to the recognition that you desire, and your “end result” link is the coupe de grace. You need to hit them with your best landing page when the customer clicks that link.

Be ready to build your following before you see a good return

People listen to the well-known spokesman or highly regarded company, this is just a fact. Until you can afford to get a celebrity endorsement I hate to say it but you will have to take the time to build your following up so that your word and your advertisement will be looked on with an unbiased opinion. Social media is unfortunately all about popularity. You will see the highly viewed video and meme before you see your friend’s post that has no likes. People will always regard your page as “unofficial” if there are very little likes, you may want to boost your page interest with a general ad or do something like getting verified.

One time clicks

If you’ve run a successful ad with plenty of engagement than why stop there? You can’t simply click that button one time and be done with it. The memory of people on social media, and let’s face it, everywhere else is short. You need to keep running campaigns of some sort, but don’t just run the same old thing after the first one, because social media memory may be short but it’s also unforgiving of unoriginality.


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