The mobile customer’s edge

Mobile net traffic recently surpassed PC and Mac traffic on the internet. Some people have never used a laptop or a desktop, or at least never owned one. This means that the majority of the sites that people are looking at are on a very small screen, and most designers know this. The sizes for the screen can get tricky from device to device and there is obviously going to be someone left out in the cold when interacting with page. The user interaction for mobile devices can be disastrous to deal with sometimes, and you can’t fix every bug for every device in light speed. So this means that although the internet has become mobile, cheaper sometimes, and more widely available, it has also lost some of the beautiful and dynamic functionality of the web that PC and Mac users have always enjoyed.

How can you optimize?

If you’re using a WZYWIG, other website builders or a CMS like WordPress than optimization is easy and oft times automatic. This doesn’t mean it will always be automatic. Sometimes you will have to do it yourself, which is so easy people are selling mobile optimization on This seems absurdly low but some other things on the site are equally absurd. If you know your code, then you should update yourself. Most mobile sites are completely different from the full site, and then there’s the app.

Should I use the app when there’s a mobile site already?

If you find that the functionality of the mobile site is lacking, or just plain not working often companies offer an app for your mobile or Windows device. More often than not this solves a bug or glitch but mostly by storing app data on your device. When you accept all those terms there are more things than just the access to your camera and recorder that seemed to outrage people, and these permissions, along with faster loading times make for a better experience, or so you would think.

Th app rules all

You have used Google, and a Facebook and  Twitter or maybe Amazon? These apps, along with a select other few drive the majority of traffic on the internet. And what are people doing on these apps? Basically nothing, they pass their time with media and watch funny animals videos. The highest amount of information collected by an organization aside from the NSA is undoubtedly someone from silicon valley. Huge amount a of data are being transferred to and from your device via the app. If you look at your storage the app with the biggest amount of data, which is usually just searches and preferences, will be one the aforementioned apps that use the highest amount of space. All of this data is used to tailor ads to your specific web activities and meant to craft the best experience for you.


The on-the-go professional

You need to stay connected to the world at all times, especially if you’re a business person that can’t always make it to the office. When the smart phone first came out it was revolutionary. You could now answer an email at five-o-clock in the morning while having a classy cocktail or cheap beer. This importance of the mobile customer is so obviously due to the lack of disconnect with an app or site that wants your traffic. The amount of exposure and time spent on devices, mobile or not, directly effects ad revenue of the large sites you enjoy so often.

The myth of the zombie phone

I’ve been told that Apple products cannot be hacked or infected with viruses. After laughing hysterically I explained that an 11 year old from India has likely already hacked your phone and is fapping to the naked photos of your wife. The mobile operating systems are vunerable, this is true. However, if you take the same precautions you would with a PC, such as antivirus and spyware then your risk decreases significantly. I shouldn’t have just told you something you didn’t already know. But there are many ways of turning your phone into a dedicated “zombie” that leeches CPU from your phone without you knowing. Troubleshooting a PC is much easier and the utility programs that are used to detect ongoing processes aren’t  standard. Let’s just face it, phones are mobile but take far more work than a PC does to get even a portion of the functionality. But I am able to make a phone call with it.


Mobile Superiority


The sway of power now held by mobile users can be utilized in more than one way. A push for lower phone prices could further solidify the foothold, yet I doubt the electronic manufacturers of phones are concerned with traffic aside from the charges the service providers can bill. Another way for us to unite against the tyranny and price gouging of mobile prices is a strike! Everyone put down your phone apps for a week and we’ll see prices drop like a stone that had been perched atop a  tall man’s hat. If we do this for a week then we can…..oh wait I got a notification. This could be important I have to look at it.





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