Loving someone with anxiety or depression


Depression and anxiety make up the majority of mental disorders. It’s likely that you have a loved one that suffers from one of these disorders. You can’t be discouraged by their affliction or the quirks they have, they’re people just like everyone else, and a third of Americans suffer from some diagnosed mental illnesses. This is just those that seek help, many do not, and those that suffer in silence will be the most vunerable. Loving some with these illnesses can be hard at times, but understanding that their brain chemistry and mood is far different from yours is essential. They simply can’t stop being like they are because there’s no cure. If you love them you will understand that they are sometimes erratic and can be distant. Your lover doesn’t care any less about you because they have this illness, they have more to deal with on a daily basis than you could comprehend, and there are things you need to know about them.

 Depression and anxiety


You need to be patient

You have to understand that they are different and know that they will overreact or sometimes ignore you because they are dealing with their inner demons. A person that has anxiety attacks can feel like the world is closing in around them and they have nowhere to go. They may feel like they are suffocating and they might need space, but don’t go too far. Don’t crowd them but try to talk them out of it. Id you can get them to laugh then you might just take their mind off it. When a person with depression is going through a low moment you shouldn’t leave them alone because they seem to ignore you. Hug them, ask them why they’re sad, but sometimes there isn’t a reason they understand. In both cases you need to identify your partner’s triggers and prepare something for their difficulty. Maybe they like ice cream or a funny movie. Simple things like listening and giving them attention when they’re not well goes far to help them and your relationship.


The illness won’t affect you in a negative way if you don’t let it

Your mental health should not be affected  by someone else’s. If you love them you will take their mood swings and meltdowns and see it as a part of them. You love every part of them and you’re there to help and care for them, till death do you part. The Notebook may be a fictional story but it’s a reality that at times your lover may seem like a different person that you will have to deal with in a differnt way. They’re sick, on the inside, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the same person you fell on love with. Get ready with tissues when they cry, give them all the cuddles they can handle, and make sure you’re as sensitive to their illness as you can fathom. Your children may be the same way but this means they will be as beautiful as their other parent. When you see them break down you know they feel broken or damaged inside. This imperfection makes them the beautiful and wonderful person they are. Because if they didn’t have anxiety or depression they wouldnt be that person you fell in love with, and as bad as times may get, the good times will be even sweeter and more memorable. The good times with a person with these disorders can be better than any times you’ve had. Love them as much as you can and take the good with the bad because the people that suffer the most, are usually the best lovers. There can be a passion in your relationship with them that is beyond any illness, and you will calm the storm in them.

Anxiety and depression

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