A writer’s Lifestyle

A writer's Lifestyle

Writing can mean long hours, constant travel, and the occasional awkward spotlight. There are late night writing sessions, early mornings of pouring over emails, and buckets of coffee that are consumed during the process of writing. All of the key strokes that you take are a tick away from the end goal. Whether you use Microsoft word, or a content management system to write for your media of choice, you’ll have a certain feeling after you’re done. The feeling of completion is one of the best moments of the creative process. Your work has been typed and edited, then edited again, and your ready to post it online or send it out for publishing. Writing can be a fulfilling, rewarding career for many. But there are other things than just the writing. The personalities that gravitate to the work are not always like the extreme personas of someone like Hunter S. Thompson, nor do they have the focused intellect of J.R.R. Tolkien. Some writers are just normal, they have a schedule just like yours and a family that would have a simile Not everyone wants to be who Jack Kerouac was. I don’t even think he did. With that said, even a staff writer goes home and takes off the suit and tie. When they do there’s no telling what kind of personality rages on into the night.

The psyche of a writer

Some people live in their own minds, or so they say. You can imagine the thoughts that occur when thinking about the world that their novel is set in. Tolkien’s Middle Earth is probably one of the most complex worlds I can think of. The writings of the vast history of it, and the diversity of the characters indicate he spent a very long time thinking about this world. Before he published the hobbit, and while still in his youth, he had already created an entire language. Middle Earth is so intricate you have to assume that he lived in this world for a long time, and the moment the world started to form it took hold of his psyche and rooted in his mind.
Writers in general are like this to an extent. A novelist will have an imagination that is immersive, and vibrant. whether they’re trying to get into the mindset of the specific readers, or just crafting a narrative in an adopted voice, a writer must have a skewed perspective of self. Some might say they want to escape the real world or their own life but some stories can be more realistic than the lies people tell to their children.


Prolific writers

Not every writer stays in one world. Authors like Stephen King or Jane Austen, and even J.K. Rowling have moved on from the places like Hogwarts that they wrote about for many years. The genres that they write about today might not be the genres they write about tomorrow. Any writer, or artist, that works creatively for a long time will undergo a creative transformation. For many this is a major personal change. Struggling with creative urges , or having “writer’s block” can seize the gears of the publishing machine. What some do to avoid this can be extreme. Methods unknown have been employed by those that suffer from writer’s block to overcome it. This mostly involves staying inside and brooding while pacing the floor or staring blankly at a screen. But others use tactics that would make the average person puzzled and skeptical of their sanity.


The daily struggle

The clichĂ© of the reclusive author is a reality. A novelist has no office to go to, and many other writers don’t have a specific place to go for work. Journalists and writers (especially travel writers) sometimes make their office where ever their computer, or pad and pen is. If you work from home you don’t go out very often, you don’t see people during your work day. if you travel for work you don’t see the same people. The solitude of a writer is real.
The lifestyle has a distinct quality that’s unique to the field. With any job there are aspects you can enjoy and others you loathe. A writer must have creativity and the courage to display the work they’ve done to many people. If you had to show your entire company the work you had just done would you be proud of it, or fear what they would think of it? You have to enjoy writing to want to do it. And you have to be good at it to be successful. It takes courage to write your opinion, it takes determination to publish it, and a wit that turns phrases. The extreme lifestyle of a writer isn’t as glamourous as a musician’s or as rigorous as a professional athlete’s, but it’s as interesting as can be.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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