Ignorance not always bliss, reported depressed idiot taking test

Everyone has moments of brilliance, and when that lightbulb turns on there’s no other feeling in the world. For some, that bulb burns out and never gets replaced. Stagnation or laziness creates an ignorance that persist, but the flash of brilliance is remembered. This past success gives them the knowledge to embarrass themselves and entertain the rest of us. Any idiot is allowed to text on currents events they never followed, spell words they don’t know, or comment on facts of life after decades of observing evidence pointing to a differnt conclusion.


Is there a synynom to cinnamon?

Okay so there isn’t a direct synonom, but the spice is derived from a cassia plant. You might say this is the synonom for the roll. You have to imagine these people have very little in the way of close friends to guide their actions on a keyboard. Before you drink and text, please hand a designated typer your phone. Your ex does not need to know that you still want to “duck her”.


The “advanced stupid”

Dumb people using the internet

Ignorance comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes people try to invent a lie or come up with a joke that’s so stupid it reveals something unique to their personal brand of moron. You can teach a person to type but that doesn’t mean they’ll come up with Shakespeare.

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