Showdown in Rio: America’s hopes for Olympic Gold

Summer gold can be found in Rio DeJanerio, Brazil this year, and America has the gold fever that characterized gold rushes of the past. High caliber athletes from all over the globe will gather for the Olympics this Brazil, and each one hopes to bring home gold while representing their home country. My sport of choice has always been wrestling, I didn’t make it to the Olympics but every wrestler dreams of the event if they compete. It’s the Super Bowl that happens every four years for wrestlers. Since there is no large public platform to compete on, the games serve as the highest event to achieve gold. Here are the competitors that might bring home some medals.

Adeline Gray

Adeline has been a world champion before, she’s got two world titles recently and is shaping up to be the women’s best chance to bring home gold, something that hasn’t happened yet. at 75kg Adeline is the biggest weight class for the women and is also the most dominant.

Olympic gold

Kyle Snyder

Another world champion, Kyle won the 2015 world matchup and has many other titles under his belt. He has the experience in world competition and looks to take the title right out of college. Even though he’s young Kyle will represent American wrestling well.

Jordan Burroughs

From 2009 to 2014 he took no losses, this dates back to college days and goes all the way through to include three world titles and Olympic gold in 2012. He is currently 108-2 on the international circuit and hopes to bring home gold from Rio. His Twitter handle? @Alliseeisgold you can find him on Twitter but you won’t find in the consolation round in Rio.

Olympic gold

Helen Maroulis

She is another recent world champion that has the ability to take the championship. Helen has been winning and she doesn’t plan to stop. I can see her and this next guy placing in some way if not taking the gold.

Olympic gold

Robby Smith

America’s best hope for Greco gold doesn’t have the world titles or a Hodge trophy under his name, but we need a Greco medal to show the world that we aren’t one sided. History has not been kind to our Greco teams but Robby could medal along with a few other wrestlers in the other divisions. He’s placed on the international circuit and heavy weights are notorious for upper body moves even in folkstyle. Look for America to bring home 7-10 medals and at least three golds.

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