Writer’s Block

writer's block

I’ve always told people that I never get writer’s block. I lied, well, if I said that now I would be lying. In actuality, I had never considered what it would be like to sit at a keyboard and not have any thoughts, or at the very least, some creativity happen.

After a binge of at least 120 pages during some time abroad, I found myself with a terrible sickness. I don’t mean the cold or other nasty flu like symptoms I suffered from after returning. I’m talking about the dreaded writer’s block.

Even the dreams are getting to me now. I’ve had more than one vivid recollection of typewriters gone past, that have now returned to urge me on. Yes, children I am that old. I have used a typewriter before and the damn thing is haunting my dreams and telling me to write now. One even tried to trick me and change the characters to shapes and symbols that I’ve not seen in years. At one time I was a young Tolkien that invented his own language, except it was only written and no one ever shared it. I guess I would have had to do that one myself, but I was ten and none of my friends had ever heard of the Hobbit and never paid attention when I asked if they had even seen the latest John Grisham movie.

I would file this one under “bad day” but it’s been a terrible month and an even worse year. If that crazy typewriter haunts my dreams again I swear I’m switching to a voice typing program, or would someone care to dictate for me? Okay, I’ll look into what Hawkings uses, I’m sure that mechanical voice won’t give me any nightmares.

Curious side note, our closest neighboring star Alpha Centauri, has been discovered to have an exoplanet. I’m sending NASA an email right away to get on the first ride out of here. Until next time.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. I’m not a writer but I work on a computer all day. Many of my dreams are about my key board eating all my snacks and drinking my coffee. In the dreams i actually get into arguments with my keyboard. It’s bizarre. By the way, is there a sequel coming out to Inhuman Emergence: innocence?

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