Internet Nightmare: Who’s hacking who?

hacking a world apart

Giants Hipocrits Complain about Russian intrusions

Okay we all should know who Edward Snowden is by now, right? The NSA whistle-blower outed America for hacking other countries several years ago, and now it appears that we’re incurring some “losses” in the cyber war we apparently started. First off, we can’t prove a thing, only that the attacks came from outside the U.S. and originated in countries we may have been outed for hacking by Snowden. After leaving he fled to China and Russia to escape. Both have state sponsored cyber programs as well that rival that of America. Before we complain about China’s corporate espionage we have to realize this may be just that, a shady corporation that has hired a cyber criminal for illegal profit. They might take it to court, in London. But what has Russia done this time?

Large-scale DDoS attack

The Dyn corporation manages traffic on the east coast of America and abroad. It was attacked in three waves and with Millions of IP addresses. New World Hacker’s have officially claimed this attack as their own. You can find a description and their statement here, however, it has the glossy feel of an anonymous statement and cites attacks on the BBC. Could this be another bloke in a Guy Fawkes mask? If you really believe in the power of Hollywood my money has it that a whole unorganized generation of unrelated hackers can make this claim “I am anonymous”.

Here is a statement from the company, who handled the attack very well. Except that there was specific targets blocked in the form of popular American sites with lots of E-commerce data. So is money the big pay-out they’re looking for this time? Did Anonymous members sell out finally? The statement said they would retire.

Attack Timeline
Starting at approximately 7:00 am ET, Dyn began experiencing a DDoS attack. While it’s not uncommon for Dyn’s Network Operations Center (NOC) team to mitigate DDoS attacks, it quickly became clear that this attack was different (more on that later). Approximately two hours later, the NOC team was able to mitigate the attack and restore service to customers. Unfortunately, during that time, internet users directed to Dyn servers on the East Coast of the US were unable to reach some of our customers’ sites, including some of the marquee brands of the internet. We should note that Dyn did not experience a system-wide outage at any time – for example, users accessing these sites on the West Coast would have been successful.

Russia accused of hacking DNC, IOC, and many other targets

Did you hear the one about the Russian doping scandal? Not anymore, not since Russia hacked the IOC. They stole files from prominent American athletes, all black for some reason. Jordan Burroughs got matched against the second seed Russian rival at 74 kgs. in the games in the second round. He was the first ranked wrestler and Russia has a very bad state-sponsored doping scandal involving wrestling, and on one occasion against Rocky Balboa during a boxing match held there.

Russian aggression has been reduced to hilarity and the petty act of rigging a game. The DNC hack was blamed on Russia and the Wikileaks of Hilary Clinton’s emails may have been the act of operatives abroad and under the direction of Moscow. Two names popped up, “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear”. Analysts believe this to be two different groups because of the origin of the devices, however, if the “Cozy Bear” were to ever come out of Russia that would make the first handler to ever do basically anything. “Fancy Bear” may have been back in Russia or Eastern Europe, but this leak of Democratic Party documents suggests that the person using the code name Guccifer 2.0 has a WordPress blog and is a native speaker of American English.


Not my cup of Tea

So, i get this email….


and another one just as suspicious hours later…


The first one is a scam bot, that can be Googled, the email may be to blame for that and so may the second one. I contacted the owner of the last email and she seemed like a real person that really got her email hacked. But the first did not have punctuation, only the second, and being hours apart my mind put the two together. I read them chronologically and the message was simple “I have a project for you, can we discuss?”. Here’s Kaylin’s Facebook message if you were skeptical about the fact this person is taking over many emails and computers.


Nope fight. Nope. Nope. nope.

I refused to be caught up in this petty scam based information war. Most of them hold no allegiance to a particular country. Russia’s “Fancy bear” may not even be there and if we remember that Snowden fled to Russia, we may have our culprit. America is the home of gay marriage and “Fancy bear” seems like a nod to a gay person (which is still an insult there). So that’s it, anonymous is retiring, Snowden works for the Russians, and Trump paid a troll named Guccifer to hack Hilary. Is there anything left? Oh yes, there are the thousands of people capable of doing all this and more sitting in every corner of the earth. And this, if we piss off Russia because we blamed them for skewing an election unsuccessfully.

Trust me there is more where that came from on both sides. You can find out more about the biggest weapon in history here. Or you can look at this little map of how easily we could be toppled, and realize also, that the distance between Moscow and Leningrad is very short. Though the Nazis never reached it, Moscow is in range, but so are we.



Don’t call it a Cold War

Things are heating up, and as they do we see super powers forging alliances and rouge stateless factions being pitted against each other as pawns in an all out war. We again go to the middle east and back powers against each other for profiteering and power. None is altruistic and every bomb takes a life. There is more mud slinging in this current U.S. election than any other in history. The moment everything seems so pivotal and useless is the moment I just say nope and go back to my pumpkin spice latte.

I swear to everything that is holy if I miss the Fantastic beasts and where to find them premiere because of the nuclear holocaust I am going to be very disappointed.




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