New Series Coming Soon, Inhuman 3 in development

inhuman series, inhuman: the outbreak

My first book is available, and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it. The wait for the next book in the series is almost over, but while I was waiting I started another project. This one is much darker and thrilling, more psychologically based and far more realistic. It’s more in the style of a mystery novel, but I’ll leave it a mystery for now. The best part of writing is that I can do it when and wherever I like. So while I was on vacation in Florida I wrote the first half of this thriller. Now I have more “pressing” matters to attend to and this will help me while I go through my Master’s degree in English.

Inhuman: The Outbreak

This is the working title for the next novel in my Inhuman Series and as promised there are more psychic powers and evil plots to foil for Owen (the protagonist) and his team of inhuman soldiers. The book takes a fantastical look at a very realistic problem. While I was writing it the Olympic games were just about to take place in Rio DeJanerio, Brazil. There was a problem with a nasty bug called the Zika virus there that everyone was fretting over. The virus can harm babies and cause them to have a condition known as Mirco encephalitis, which is a malformation of the baby’s skull. The book is set partially in Brazil and there happens to be an Outbreak there with a bioweapon.

This coincidence is not to make light or poke fun of the plight of Brazil and it’s mosquito problem (the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes). But endemic outbreaks of pathogens are a serious problem this world is facing. You’ll have to wait to find out what happens in the book, but further research into harmful pathogens, especially those carried by insects is needed to make many places safer.


As for the future of the Inhuman Series…

The third book in the series is properly outlined, but what of its breadth? I can honestly say I stumbled and bumbled around the first novel. The second was easier and the third is making me more attached to the characters already. People are going to die in my novels, there’s no way around that. But have I become attached enough to do more than a trilogy? This might depend on my readers. For now, there are going to be three books. I’m leaving the story line open enough for more, so if you’ve enjoyed my work at all, please let me know if you want more. I think in my heart I know it’s close to the end, but with an ending, there are always new beginnings. And a new series on the way!

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