The Ruling Class: Uber President Dracula

In this Image, we see Bram Stoker’s imagining of Dracula. And below is a picture that has been a part of American history, and is still seated in the White House as a part of the Collection our country has of Presidential Portraits. One picture is missing from the collection of paintings, and no record of it can be found, but this remains. A history of American past can be iconic and influential, there are undeniable similarities.

president andrew jackson

On The 20

This is the image we see on our $20 dollar bill, and Americans couldn’t love money more. It’s a powerful tool for getting things accomplished. This is obviously a young Andrew Jackson, maybe pre-vampire, but what is he wearing? Is that really the same coat? It may be an engraving done in a very dark green, but you can tell the collar is very similar.

twenty fucking dollar bill

Is this why so many Presidents seem to age faster than a normal human? Is President Dracula sucking the life and vitality from the elected officials of our country and ruling behind the scenes of our public eye with an iron fist and thirst for blood?

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