Questions of Humanity, Do zombies have any?

zombies that are human, but not really cuz their zombies

“To me, the name zombie evokes something human, a walking corpse rotting from the inside. The movies always gave me a sense that that’s what some people feel like, dead inside, just walking around mindlessly. But these things are something more, they don’t rot, they get bigger, become stronger.” -Owen Johnson from Inhuman: The Outbreak.


This year, unlike any other, the turkey population will be decimated. Each year we push them closer to extinction, and each year they become more delicious. This year, I named my turkey Carl.

But what if we weren’t the top of the food chain, what would eat us? A shark will eat you if you swim in the water. A bear will eat you in the forest. And if we were hunted to near extinction by another animal? What hero would save us?

The human population will dwindle, like never, so the turkey is only here for big fat me. But zombies have been a staple on the post-apocalyptic scene, and aren’t we all a little bit of a zombie in the morning? If I don’t find my coffee soon I’m going to fall over.

Yet again there was more caffeine and inspiration to come up with such an original idea like zombies, but if you do something original it often soon becomes something that you can’t control. And on several occasions something you didn’t own.



zombie with coffee



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