Editing and Critiquing Services

Editing Services

For many authors the hardest thing to do is get their first novel published. You’ve spent countless hours on your manuscript and now you’re preparing to query and submit your hard work to a publisher. You want to make sure it’s in the best shape it can be, and I will provide you with an edit or critique to give you a second set of eyes to weed out grammatical, spelling, or logic errors.

A full edit for a book of less than 100k words costs $ 750 USD and a critique is $ 300.


Site review

As an article writer and blogger I’ve learned the devil is in the details. Your SEO and meta data practices are essential for your site traffic. I will analyze these factors as well as the overall look and usability of the site, and the content as well. A critical review of your site requires that I have temporary administrative privileges and am given enough access to determine what sort of data your entering. If you’re selling anything on your site it’s important for your customers to find your page and navigate it with ease.

A full site review will take as little as a week depending on the amount of data and would cost $100 USD.