Why Men Should Appreciate Their Woman

appreciate a woman

It’s 2016 and Women have crossed every barrier but the Presidency, and that inevitability will happen this fall. The road they took to get there? It was wrought with inequality and landmines that are still being cleared today. Women in the same position that men hold still get paid less. Products specialized for women are […]

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A writer’s Lifestyle

A writer's Lifestyle

Writing can mean long hours, constant travel, and the occasional awkward spotlight. There are late night writing sessions, early mornings of pouring over emails, and buckets of coffee that are consumed during the process of writing. All of the key strokes that you take are a tick away from the end goal. Whether you use […]

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This advice on CSS is !important;

designing with CSS in Wordpress

If you’ve never visited this site before you might think it looks okay, just alright. You might think that there’s something lacking in design, or functionality but trust me I have been working on some of these issues. This is primarily a blog, but you can find other things on it as well, I’ve always been […]

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Loving someone with anxiety or depression


When you love someone with depression and anxiety you know that it can be hard. Some days they won’t be able to do the things you need them to, but you love them because through all their pain, they are able to love you.

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The Shakespearean method of writing

Made up words

You thought I was going to say something about the iambic pentameter didn’t you? That’s actually not what I was referring to. The method I was referring was the zany creation of words. Yes, he was a playwright and had the creative authority to do basically anything he wanted. The man performed for the Queen. […]

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Feeling lost? Here’s how to find your passion

There will be points in everyone’s life when they reach a crossroads and have to decide on which path to take. Some people know exactly what they want, but for those of us that struggle with making life decisions, or can’t even make up their mind on what to have for lunch, you may feel […]

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The Sunshine State

My trip to the Florida Panhandle has been exciting and as fulfilling as a raw oyster is to the locals. Panama City Beach is a beautiful locale with fine white sand and an accommodating populace. In regards to the culture and overall friendliness of the people I can say that their reputation has been far […]

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Easy weight loss guide

There are so many diets, workout programs, and quick-fix supplements for weight loss. With all of these products to choose from which one should you use? The truth is you don’t need any of it. The plain and simple fact is that there is a sure-fire method for weight loss that takes no extra investment […]

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The five stages of Cat

The first stage: Uber adorable The kitten is the darling of the animal kingdom. It’s tiny paws and irresistible meow makes any heart melt. When you see one you want to hold it in your arms and never let it go. The kitten is arguably the most popular pet in the world.   Second stage: […]

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