The most widely distributed texts of Humanity

all time best sellers

  Dan Brown Brown wrote the Davinci Code and this sits atop our memories as the biggest all time best seller there is. It’s closely related to the text that is actually the most widely distributed, but Dan Brown holds the top spot as far as living best sellers.     Emily Dickinson A lot of Emily’s […]

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Why This Year’s Election is Over

grumpy cat

There is nothing I Hate more than seeing Government buildings become a circus, and after this November there will be a clown in the White House. I don’t care if you’re voting Democrat or Republican, there is more unrest about the 2016 election than there has been since a time immemorial to our people. You may […]

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Failure is Temporary, Never Give Up


Without any warning or advanced notice, years of hard work and toil could pay dividends that make your entire labor worth it. A lifetime of work can have a goal that you achieve that makes it all worth the wait. If your patience is wearing, and your body and mind are tired, just know that around […]

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The 5 stages of cat

The first stage: Uber adorable The kitten is the darling of the animal kingdom. It’s tiny paws and irresistible meow makes any heart melt. When you see one you want to hold it in your arms and never let it go. The kitten is arguably the most popular pet in the world.   Second stage: […]

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Easy weight loss guide

There are so many diets, workout programs, and quick-fix supplements for weight loss. With all of these products to choose from which one should you use? The truth is you don’t need any of it. The plain and simple fact is that there is a sure-fire method for weight loss that takes no extra investment […]

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Finding your escape from reality

After a hard day’s work at the office, in the field, or at the factory all you want to do is relax and take your mind off your work or your studies. Your escape? Most people choose television or social media and wonder why they often feel bored or restless. The question of the day […]

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Good Design or just a Little Better?

good design

The logo you have says a lot about your company and it’s objective. Do you want to provide information or just impress? Whatever your aim is you need a logo that will go along with it. You need to let whoever is designing your logo and the rest of your site what you want people […]

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Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords

Some people think you have to have a clairvoyant mind or some kind of super power to know what people will be searching for. This could be true to a certain extent because you can’t know what everyone will be searching for. What isn’t true is that you need to have some sixth sense to know what’s […]

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Are the emotionless truly emotional?


The last thing any of us want is to be over-emotional. No one wants to lose control and flip out over some perceived injustice or slight. But what if you had little or no emotion? If you suffer from lack of affect or little emotion you know that it isn’t good. You know people view you […]

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The ethics of automation

driverless cars, and the ethics thereof

Given that there are already automated cars on the road why are we asking this question now? If the research is just being done to find out what people want in an autonomous vehicle what’s the difference? Well, there is one and it happens to be the only one big car companies are concerned with. it’s […]

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