Finding your escape from reality

After a hard day’s work at the office, in the field, or at the factory all you want to do is relax and take your mind off your work or your studies. Your escape? Most people choose television or social media and wonder why they often feel bored or restless. The question of the day is always “What are you doing?” Or “What are we going to do now?” Usually I wouldn’t make a suggestion, usually I would suggest ways in which to find your escape yourself, something general and unspecific. But you want a specific example, so here are ten.


1. Reach for the stars and dream

This isn’t figurative at all I literally mean dreaming. Some people don’t remember their dreams or believe they don’t have any, and this isn’t true at all. You have them but you just may not remember what they were about. Practice waking yourself up after about 15 minutes of sleep and immediately write down what you remember, then go back to sleep and try it again. You don’t have to be lucid, which is to say that you have control of the dream, but a glimpse into your subconscious is an escape from reality you’ll enjoy.

Escape from reality


2. Join a cause and participate

This doesn’t mean protest and riot, by a cause I mean something that helps other people. If you dedicate your time to helping the homeless or sick then you get a glimpse of a reality different from your own. This helps give you the perspective you need to appreciate your own life. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to a Black Lives Matter rally, I just mean that rioting at one is neither good for your health or freedom. Some people are willing to sacrifice themselves for a cause though, so you can consider joining any movement that is worthy of attention or aid.


3. Take on more responsibility

This could be anything that means you have to spend time on something that needs your helping hands. I would suggest adopting a pet from a shelter and raising it in a loving home that it deserves. An animal is the best companion that anyone could ask for aside from a romantic partner. Should you adopt a human from a shelter? Thats entirely up to you, but your intentions should be pure, even with your new animal.


4. Discover media you’ve never experienced

If you’re watching the same type of television or movies watch something radical you’ve never seen. If you’re used to action and main stream comedy, find a Russian love story or a Japanese drama. If you’re always watching indie films then find the most popular blockbuster there is and watch that. Get out of your comfort zone and read something different too. The sports page can be entertaining but have you read a book about cricket? If you have then read one on the NFL.


5. A good natured prank

Pulling a prank on someone may be mean but there’s a lot of thought behind it. By prank I don’t mean harassment or torment for sick pleasure. Just a one time goof for fun and laughs that you could record and not get arrested for. Pretend to be someone you aren’t and surprise a girlfriend or boyfriend. Put toothpaste in Oreos and watch people eat them, or make a fun price of art in a public place that might confuse someone. If you were to see a sculpture of giant rodent poking it’s head out of a manhole you may take a second look or be surprised. Scare someone with a fake prop, or some other immature stunt that would give you a laugh.


6. Express yourself through some form of art

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Learn how and write a song, or paint a picture. Art has always been an emotional expression that releases a tension you may have had. Adult coloring books have become a popular thing for a reason. There’s something about creating things with your hands that’s therapeutic to the mind and body. Use a gift you have or discover a new one. You might find that you like blogging or that you’re good at playing bass guitar. You don’t have to become a rock star, but for that moment when you were playing you felt like one, and you escaped your reality.


7. Go to a support meeting

Escape from reality

You dont have to be an alcoholic, or even an addict to go to some sort of support group. The group could be about cancer or recovery from your addiction to the internet. Whatever it is that you do that could be a bad habit probably has a support group. Health issues? There’s  a group for that. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with people like yourself helps, but the best part is hearing their stories. For a moment you weren’t thinking About yourself and your problems, you were thinking about them. And that’s an escape from reality that can have an altruistic effect.


8. Read a book

This one is obvious, and it not only helps you to become a better reader but it can help your writing too. Studies suggest if you read about your field of work regularly for a few years you’ll become an expert faster than those that don’t by several orders of magnitude. You can escape into a world that is not of your own and become so immersed that you forget where you are. You can become Harry Potter, or Jason Bourne and have adventures you could never have in reality. I wanted to live in Narnia as a child and when the movies came out i went back. Your level of enjoyment is only limited by your imagination. If you don’t have one I would suggest reading a nonfiction novel on a topic you could never experience yourself. I hear people have been to the moon before, maybe you would like to read about that “theory”.


9. Make a bucket list

I think everyone should make one of these. You shouldn’t add anything fantastical that you wouldn’t be able to achieve because then you can’t complete it. Choose things that you can do and you will be able to complete something you thought you would never do. When you do things out of the ordinary that create memories you’re changed by them. If these are positive experiences you wont be the same person after you’re done.


10. Stop what you’re doing

You may be doing something good, maybe it’s bad. Whatever it is drop it, leave and never look back. I’m not telling you to abandon your family, you’re allowed to take them with you. Just drop everything and leave. This isn’t a vacation it’s an escape. Take a flight to Paris if you can afford it but if you can’t take a walk out your door and go somewhere you’ve never been. don’t plan it, don’t Google or use a map. Just explore the world that hasn’t had the pleasure of being graced by your presence. If you end up across the border buying drinks for a hot blonde and get their number then you’ve accomplished the journey you never knew you were going to have. Surprising yourself is the best surprise there is.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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