Are the emotionless truly emotional?


The last thing any of us want is to be over-emotional. No one wants to lose control and flip out over some perceived injustice or slight. But what if you had little or no emotion? If you suffer from lack of affect or little emotion you know that it isn’t good. You know people view you as unenthusiastic or lacking in some area. Emotion is a big motivator and if you have none then you might feel unmotivated or lazy, even lethargic. But if you suffer from a disorder that creates this condition you know that you don’t lack emotion. For many people, the ability to express emotion is a serious debility.

Men, in general, have this

Boys are taught from a young age to not show emotion. Don’t feel the pain, don’t cry, suppress your feelings. Is this right that we do this? Should we teach our young men that being emotional is okay? I was taught to have no emotion, to never let them know that you were hurt. But now when I’m in a situation where emotion could be of some use to me I don’t know how to show it. I appear lame or at times aloof, even unaware of my surroundings. Emotion is a valuable thing and sometimes you need to react to your surroundings or to motivate yourself to do what it is right or appropriate.

We need to teach emotional intelligence

There is such a thing as emotional intelligence, this means knowing what others are feeling but also what emotions to display at the right time. For those with depression or even autism, we don’t know what others are feeling and many times don’t know how to appropriately display our own emotions. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have emotions, just that we keep them inside. When you deal with someone like this you should know that they can’t do certain things, like express themselves. And when we teach our boys, or even girls to not feel what we should be feeling we basically give them a disorder.

resting bitch face

Resting Bitch Face

There’s a condition that’s called resting bitch face. It’s not a real condition, don’t worry doctors aren’t that ridiculous, but the internet has coined the term to describe someone who has an emotionless face. Basically, these people who are expressionless are called bitches. They don’t show their emotion, maybe as a response from constant ridicule or even as a product of some trauma. They may have depression or some other emotional disorder. But they are still called out for it, as are many others for having a disorder. Why is it okay that we discriminate against them? Should they just suck it up and stop being so emotional? Or maybe they don’t have the ability to express those emotions that they do have.

I’m going to go cry now

Not really, but you get the point. I’m going to try to make an effort to be more emotional. This could benefit me and countless others to try. I know that sometimes it would be best not to start crying in the middle of a business meeting but it would help to be more positive. Negative feelings are still feelings but if you don’t express them they consume you and take over any positive emotions you may have. So smile at someone today, even if you didn’t want to, even if you think you shouldn’t have.

If you’re emotionless like robocop than you know that it’s like being a zombie. You look like a robot and in the end the human emotional side of you is what will save you. You can deny your emotions for only so long but what you thought was going to disrupt you life can end up being the thing that saves it.

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