Blogging is hard…

blogging is hard

blogging is hard

Blogging is hard…and that has led me to the point of my article, which I realized that it’s all about me. Wouldn’t you love to just sit there and blogg about your life? If you’re writing for work, you’re writing about anything but yourself. Unless you’re writing a biography or memoirs, you can almost invariably expect to be writing about something apart from you in any situation.

Blogging is a dairy for most people. No really, look at some of them. Personal experiences, and daily life situations are expected. My life is boring so I haven’t been writing about me too much. But today I’m blogging about me.

blake gardner

So, I’ve been considering getting a certificate in writing and something else maybe. Oxford has one that is very affordable to take online. My career as a writer may continue but I have a job that I work during the day.

Continued education is essential for industries small and large. Did I want to go back to school for something different this time? No, and maybe I feel like my degree was pointless, but it has helped me.

jackie chan internet meme

There has to be some mystery in any text or writing, there should be space for you to fit in. Yet, with blogging you want at least a small window into some else’s life. If you want honesty, and that’s what most people want, I can tell you that I’m more centered than ever. A blogg has brought me into the new age of media, one that I have been trying to fit into for so long. Thank you internet, thank you.

So I was cashing a check today, I don’t like to write about missed connections on Craig’s list (not too much.) but let’s say I missed the connection with the 20 year old girl cashing it for me. I have a bad time meeting people in person, I need that text, I rely on it. But also I found myself talking to her, wondering if I could make a connection. I’ve missed too many.

Blogging is hard because in the world we live in there are so many unknowns, sometimes you don’t even feel like you know yourself. When I look in the mirror I see that I am a man, a white male with no sign of persecution. But I know that I am persecuted daily. The separation of self image and the image people see when they observe me has become such a disparity that I begin to think of our society as “other-worldly”.

This makes me feel so out of place, and when I want to keep my feet on the ground, I go to the world I know the best. I go to the internet. People are so immersed in this platform that we should start charging for it. Or giving it away.

Often I will find evidence of the immersion. I encountered a situation with a fan that makes me think people hope too much about the level of reliable information on the internet. He was angry at me for proposing that the egg came first instead of the chicken. This was a literal conversation about evolution. He was mad and told me that I had to be an expert to write for the site. Of course I had gotten the theory from an expert, but he was adamant that I was unqualified.

internet memesWhat an outrage!

People rely on text so much that it holds more weight, and texters are more believably. So what do you say to someone in a message that could make them feel the emotion you attempted to put in the work? How can we feel something when we can’t look at a person and tell, that they’re fullĀ of shit.

I would ramble on more about the internet but I fear that soon the conversation will turn to kittens and get lost in the forest of animal videos.


To be continued…

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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