Craft beer, the beer of the present

Small breweries have had much success in the past half of this decade. They continue to enjoy a modest growth in this part of industry and boast a more impressive market share than before. These beers are often imitated by larger corporations but large beer companies in the past have taken little risks. Smaller companies have become more prevalent in certain regions after seeing a raid growth.

Companies like New Belgium and Dark horse have expanded more recently, and the beer I’m drinking right now is a little beer called “Two Hearted Ale” from Bell’s brewery located in Michigan. Dark horse brewery has a show on the history channel— a company that is also located in Michigan. New Belgium is in Colorado, and may have had a bigger expansion. They have now opened locations in North Carolina as well.

The cornerstone of the craft beer movement has been signified by the brick and mortar establishments called “brewpubs”. These small brewpubs have captured the imagination of America. The experience is a novelty when your the beer is exotic and not imported. It’s made right in front of you, it’s like the American version of hibachi. Should Anheuser-Busch be scared? Absolutely not, and most brewpubs don’t sell beer outside of their pub. They don’t have the production capacity to do so.

Will the craft beer disappear? Are we going to start to see smaller companies grow and become the new Anheuser-Busch?  While this may happen in the distant future that won’t be happening anytime soon. The large companies will have to step up with more variety, and they have, but nothing compares to a chocolate beer. Small companies will throw anything into their vats and I like it.

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