Long Tail Keywords

long tail keywords

Some people think you have to have a clairvoyant mind or some kind of super power to know what people will be searching for. This could be true to a certain extent because you can’t know what everyone will be searching for. What isn’t true is that you need to have some sixth sense to know what’s popular. If you can’t spot a trend then you might have some trouble, but you have many tools to discover what’s trendy. The bottom line is this: You will have to do some research and maybe some search engine work by yourself to determine a good long tail keyword.

What is it?

The long tail keyword’s true nature is in the name. It’s basically a long keyword, or phrase, sometimes even an entire sentence that you think people will search for. So you have your blog post, or content written? That’s great but now you have to optimize it and the best way to do that are SEO keywords. You can, of course, pay for the top spot in a Pay Per Click campaign on a search engine but if you’re low on funds then you’ll have to optimize yourself. And what good admin doesn’t do this even if you are paying for ads?

Just Elaborate

If you really want to optimize your page you will want to think of the larger picture in the content you’re putting up. What does you page sell or promote? If you can ask yourself what you truly provide your customers than you have the answer to your long tail keyword.

All the content?

You only have so many places to place your keyword, and if you’ve cluttered the page with a single keyword that’s too redundant you can compromise the integrity of the content by overloading it with unnecessary keyword drops. Now, say you had a long tail keyword that sums up the trend in the content or the main idea of your services. This would help to drive traffic by snagging the bulk of the Googlers by knowing exactly what they’re searching for.

Ranking up with long tail

So you’ve got some traffic now and the site is taking off from a social media post or a successful event. These kinds of thing are fleeting, and you can continue to get traffic by continuing to post engaging content. However, if your social media is running dry then where are people going to try to find the page? Everyone on the internet uses search engines and making your site a high ranking one takes time and effort by using keywords that have longevity, which mean people keep searching for them. It’s far more likely they will search for a longer phrase or maybe the one keyword you used is no longer relevant. So keep it up and do the research.

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Blake is a writer who specializes in content writing and novel-length fiction.

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