The most widely distributed texts of Humanity

all time best sellers


Dan Brown

Brown wrote the Davinci Code and this sits atop our memories as the biggest all time best seller there is. It’s closely related to the text that is actually the most widely distributed, but Dan Brown holds the top spot as far as living best sellers.


all time best sellers


Emily Dickinson

A lot of Emily’s work cannot be quantified into our computers, so you may have missed her in the “all time” lists. However, it has been reported that Ms. Dickinson is more distributed than you may have been told.

all time best sellers
Emily Dickinson’s personal Bible.


E.L. James

James is new to this top spot in the “all time” division, but his freaky S&M has been a hit all over the World. The movies have been a good laugh, and I’m buying a riding crop now.

all time best sellers


J.K. Rowling

Her’s are the most prevalent in any list. The movies are box office breakers and every one of her novels from the Harry Potter series have become so iconic they take up most of the space at the top.

all time best sellers
JK Rowling at the launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at The Natural History Museum in London


J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien is low on the list, but then you have to remember that he wrote them before the World Wars. The Germans may have tried to steal all the great works of the time then, but you can’t fight the British in the trenches and expect them not to write at all.

all time best sellers


The number on most widely distributed text: The Old testament

The Old testament is the first part of the Christian Bible and is used in all of its variations. This book is also used in Judaism and is the greatest text to influence the Qu’ran. We know little about its origins and almost nothing of the numbered authors. This book is worshiped throughout the world.

old testament fragment

The English version was created around 1600. The actual stories in the book are older than memory, and the compilation of them into The Testament is thought to have been completed in the 300 B.C. Little of the original books have survived the test of time, papyrus can be very fragile. What we do know is that this is the most influential writing of our existence. Religion has been said to be the opiate of the masses and continues to be. Yet, more is to be said of a text that is humanities’ all-time best seller. Nothing is more printed or widely distributed than words of God. Gutenberg’s first book was the Bible, and while this is the Christian version and was extended by a newer Testament, the works of these authors are immortal to our people.




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