The nasty world of Computer viruses

computer viruses

So you think you have computer virus? You might be another victim of an internet troll turned psychopath. Why do people do it? It makes tiny scared individuals feel in control. Most of the time it gains them nothing. But they still do it because they are unemployed and living off the state and voting for Hilary in the fall. Please don’t vote for Hilary. #Donaldtrumpagainstcyberterroism

Living with it

You might have a virus,it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it. turn off your machine right away . Then get some good removal tools and clean that machine up.

The killer virus

Killer viruses are not a thing of the past. They still haunt cyber space and your air space and threaten to destroy your computer. Cyber security has become a big issue. The troll that infected my computer today got away. But that’s just how trolls are right? Sneaking around and stealing your files. Fight me troll.

So I removed the virus but who knows what sort of malicious code is still on my hard drive. Did they download all my files? Maybe, but there isn’t anything that wasn’t backed up. Good job internet terrorists. At least anonymous are human rights activist instead of creeping around for celebrity dick pics, and pictures of Jennifer Lawrence’s tits, but this wasn’t as cool as that was.

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