Your best Day, and Your worst day

worst day

There are days when you may have the best possible outcome to every situation. These days have very little problems, and when they arise they can be solved with a simple solution. Then there are your worst days. These days everything goes wrong, and everything you encountered developed in a way that was not in your favor. But what if these two days were the same? What if your days could truly be “the best of times, and the worst of times” all at once?

When the lights go out

Your day might be bad, but what about your night? Change happens fast when you change environments, you just have to let it. Let’s not count night-time as a new day, it gets dark quick if it’s not summer near the equator. So why do we bring work home with us? Take some time to relax and if you have to get back to work soon you’ll be refreshed for the next day

These things might seem obvious but I know too many people who never really relax. If you go home every night and call getting drunk or stoned relaxing then you have to step back and look at your propensity for addiction. Most times these activities will make you more tense than relaxed.

It’s your hormones

Stress hormones can contribute to A LOT of health problems. If you constantly have cortisol coursing through your veins you are sure to have a bad time. That pain in the back of your neck or near your occipital lobe means your stressed out. It isn’t that you’re doing something wrong, people are just not hardwired to be in an office or out in the elements all day working.

Your brain is so overactive from millions of years of evolving as prey, and not the vicious apex predator we are now. Your fight or flight system goes off with everything, it’s that ancient form of brain structure in your brain called the amygdala that sends out precursors to the stress hormones that are ravaging your body. That flash of movement you barely saw was not a predator, but you’re hardwired to be sensitive to things like this. It was either that or stay in the comfort of the trees.


People say it all the time, they get tattoos of it. This may not work for you, you might think it’s not sane to think you can shrug off your stress by breathing. Just try it, but don’t be tense when you do it. Retreat to you happy place. Mine is sitting under a tree, I like to think that’s where nirvana might happen because the Buddha achieved enlightenment under one. So where ever your happy place is, go to it in your head, or go there for real.

Ignorance is Bliss

Often you have to forget about what has happened in the first part of your day to really move on and relax in the latter. Or the reverse where the end of your day becomes a hellish landscape of toys that your kids threw all over the place. This could ruin the good part of your day, and maybe your next morning. You have to forget the little things that have become a part of your worst day ever. But what if all of your day is bad? What if you feel like you have never had a good day and every day is worse than the one before it?

This is how I was once. There are ways to become less stressful in general, it usually involves shutting out the bad parts and just becoming — ignorant. Is being ignorant bad? Not really and if your persona is full of ignorance you might have just been doing this to cope with your stressful life. You just have to cut the stress out like a tumor, free from your thoughts. You may have to take some extreme measures, but your day doesn’t have to be all bad — ever.

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